Value proposition

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The Problem

There is an issue with charity today. The problem can be summarized as follows:

Due to a lack of funding, effective charitable outreach ceases to happen.

Why does this problem exist? We believe that the cessation of effective charity due to lack of funding can be directly tied to the following causal factors:

  • Many effective charities lack resources and the expertise necessary to bring awareness to their work. These organizations are not designed to be marketing groups. They have a mission to alleviate hunger, pain, loss in the world. We, as donors, expect them to accomplish their mission, while at the same time require them to announce their charitable activities in order to obtain funding.
  • The vast majority of charitable resources donated are utilized on nonessential outreach. Funding programs in organizations which have massive endowments themselves, issuing grants for initiatives focused on individuals who have little or no need for assistance and supporting organizations detached from alleviating the true ailments affecting human beings worldwide leave a small percentage of charitable resources to accomplish necessary works.
  • A lack of trust and growing cynicism toward charities as a whole due to the misconduct of persons within the charity industry drives potential donors away and results in apathy toward assisting in charity at all.

The Solution

In order to solve the problem related to effective charity not being accomplished, the underlying issues must be addressed. We suggest that a simple equation may be presented as a possible starting point and a foundation to build the solution upon.

Awareness + Trust = Engagement of Givers

There are vast resources available to conduct effective charity on a massive, global scale. We are not talking about rich 60 year olds. They certainly have their part to play. But so do the 20 somethings, the new parents and even those pesky teenagers. We all have a part to play and with the right approach, we will.

The problem is not that people are not interested in giving. The problem is that we are not inspiring people to give. Our presentation of charity is dull and lacks reason for engagement. When people do give, there is no sense of urgency in providing the giver any news on what was done with their contribution.

What happened?

Where did the money go?

Who was helped?

All these questions are met with utter silence. Yet we expect donors to jump at the next opportunity to give. Charity is better than that.

If we want to engage givers, we must first build awareness for charities and then we must cultivate a trusted donor experience. Only after we have invested ourselves into providing people with these measures can we expect givers to participate in the charitable work that needs to be done.

Value of Mite

Mite has developed a process designed for the giver. Utilizing decade of charitable experience, we dedicated our organization over its first 4 years to creating the Mite Donor Experience. This process, conducted on every one of our collaborative outreach projects, provides the giver with insight into the need for their participation in a project as well as full awareness of the results of their participation.

We do not wait for our donor to ask for insight. We give it to them from the get go and continue to reveal the outcome until their generosity culminates in a completed project and measured impact.