100% Guarantee

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The Mite guarantee

As Mite set out to create a first-in-class donor experience, it was evident early in the program development that we would have to address the donor's perception of administrative costs. Mite's objective of bringing impactful, trustworthy charity projects to our giving community required significant participation on the project funding side. At the same time, support for programs and operations to manage the outreach was necessary. The solution developed was a 100% Guarantee for the donor and establishing a fund to support management costs.

100% to projects

The Mite 100% Guarantee states that the funds in a donation directed toward a selected Mite project will be assigned to conduct the chosen project. When a donor designates a Mite project to support, we use their total donation to support that project's commencement and completion. Project funds will cover the overall project costs, follow-up and updating donors, media collection, and production of insights and video assets for donor awareness.

With this 100% Guarantee, Mite donors know their donations are not going to non-program-related requirements. More importantly, the Mite Guarantee helps our donors understand the use of their charitable contributions. There is no guessing if the gift paid an electric bill or went to a project. When a project is the focus of a charitable contribution, Mite guarantees the donation's use on the project.

Covered by the Mite Guarantee

The following is a inexhaustive list of costs possibly covered by project funds:

  • Planning & coordination of project
  • Outreach partner program funding
  • In-field Mite team travel
  • Videography, media collection & production
  • Fees, governmental charges & expenses related to the project

The following is a inexhaustive list of costs not covered by project funds:

  • Office expenses
  • Cost related to organizational administration
  • Governmental tax expenses
  • Donor credit card processing
  • Development & marketing costs

100% Guarantee conclusion

The Mite 100% Guarantee is our way of serving the donor with the white glove treatment they deserve. At Mite, our objective is that every donor, no matter the size of their donation, has the best experience in giving possible. Suppose we can accomplish this for our Mite Giving Community. In that case, we will increase the likelihood of our donors deciding to participate in charity again, creating the opportunity for a generous life!