Corp giving overview

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Strength in numbers

Whether conducted within a commercial company, church, giving circle or other type of institution, a corporate giving program is a wonderfully powerful tool. When people unify within a corporate body, or team if preferred, their directed efforts has exponential possibilities for positive impact. When their effort is focus on doing good within their community and even throughout the world, amazing things are accomplished.

As stated in the Book of Ecclesiastes, a three strand cord is not easily broken. Likewise, a group of people working together in corporate giving can accomplish a great deal more than an individual working alone. But not only is their power to accomplish great things through a corporate giving program, there are also wonderful benefits for the corporate group that institute such a program.

A benefits package

Setting up a corporate giving program and giving regularly through such a program is definitely an active of generosity and sacrifice on the part or the corporate team engaged in the program. However, it is important to note that this sacrifice comes with benefits for the individuals and the whole team doing the giving.

The benefits of a corporate giving program are explained in greater detail through associated resources in this Corporate Giving area. But below we have quickly bulleted just a few of them for your review:

  • Greater team unity - working together to help others builds stronger bond between the giving group.
  • Team member retention - members of a team will remain within the team longer when their activities have an eternal impact.
  • Team fulfillment - a job and/or membership in a group become much more fulfilling for all involved when there is a aspect of giving involved in the group.

Start the jouney

If you are ready to start your corporate giving journey, please dive into the resources in this Mite Corporate Giving area. If you would like to talk to someone about corporate giving and how your company or group can implement such a program, please feel free to reach out to our helpful staff. We would be honored to help you with this process.