Family giving overview

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Family giving: important

One of the most important character traits that parents can pass on to their children is gratitude. A heart of gratitude will benefit a child her whole life. Understanding that one has many things in their life for which they can be grateful, builds a strong person and, collectively, builds a strong society.

At Mite we believe that gratitude is strengthened and encouraged by a generous life. Understanding that we have something to give allows us to feel gratitude for what we have to give out.

It's a family thing

Our story is based in family and exemplifies the principles of generational giving, teaching children generosity and giving leading to gratitude. We understand the benefits and importance of family giving, because we have lived it.

For this reason, helping families incorporate generous living in their family groups is a key aspect of the Mite mission. We love seeing families grow in charitable giving. This Family Giving resource is just one of many tools we developed to encourage giving within the family unit.

If you would like help with getting your family started on a generous living path, get in touch with our helpful staff. We would be honored to help.