Giving training ground

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Action is better

A picture is worth a thousand words. At Mite, an action is worth much more than that. Take generosity, for example. A generous act is worth much more than talking about kindness and love toward your fellow humans. We show others, be they children, friends, peers, or even complete strangers, the power of love through charitable actions. Doing is so much more than talking.

Generosity training ground

In an interview with David Green, founder of Hobby Lobby, the former CEO of the Signatry, Bill High, made a statement that we at Mite fully embrace. Mr. High stated, “Generosity is a great training ground for passing on values.” This statement captures the more excellent value of charitable actions in passing on living principles and core beliefs. In other words, we can talk all we want about how we love others and how showing kindness is most desired. But by acting generously, we show forth principles of love and compassion to others that truly make the impact desired.

Values worth living

The interview goes on to discuss how Mr. Green and his family demonstrate the principle of generosity through their actions. In his own words, Mr. Green voices the impact made, “the children catch on and see the joy in that, and they see that their lives need to be more than just piling up stuff in this life.” What a powerful statement. We all want to pass on values worth living to our children. Still, we often overlook what a potent tool generosity is in making this a reality. Through generous acts of kindness, we hold the power to give generations to come a value far beyond the standard model of success. For those desiring eternal impact, generosity in action is our most powerful tool. It paves the way for beneficial differences in our world today while training the next generation to become a force for good in the lives of others.

Put generosity in action to work for you! Make today the day you show what you mean by being an individual of significant impact. Give!