Donation receipts

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Donation Receipt Overview

One of the benefits received by charitable donors residing in the United States is the ability to deduct charitable donations when filing annual personal income taxes. To receive credit for gifts made to charitable organizations, the taxpayer must meet conditions established by the Internal Revenue Service. One of these conditions includes providing a copy of the charitable donation receipt if requested by the taxing authority.

For general details on a charitable donation receipt, we suggest this helpful resource created by Qgiv. This Mite resource will focus on how we issue charitable donation receipts.

When receipts are provided

Mite provides donation receipts whenever a charitable gift is received. Charitable donations toward the Mighty Fund and mites given to complete projects receive receipts. Any size charitable donation will receive a gift receipt for the donor's records. Some of these receipts are issued immediately after the contribution of the donation. In some instances, like donations by check, a charitable donation receipt is provided within a few days.

We will also provide gift receipts when requested by the donor. Members of the Mite Giving Community may request a charitable donation receipt via email to or through our contact form on the website. Donors may also call our helpful donor care team to receive a donation receipt.

How are receipts provided

Donation receipts may take different forms at Mite, depending on how we receive a contribution. When our givers use the giving platform at, our system will provide a digital donation receipt sent to the email address listed on the donor's account. If the donor gives as a guest without a Mite account, the charitable donation goes to the email address used when donating. NOTE: digital charitable donation receipts may be blocked or categorized as spam by some email clients. We suggest checking your spam folder if you do not receive a gift receipt after donating to Mite via the online giving platform.

When a contribution is made via check, we will send hardcopy donation receipts via U.S. Mail. These receipts may take a while to get to the donor.

What's included on a donation receipt

A charitable donation receipt from Mite will include the following information: a heartfelt thank you, donor's name, contact information available, Mite's tax ID number and non-profit status, the method of donation, the amount donated, and a statement that Mite provided no goods or services in connection with the gift. We will also include information on contacting the Mite Giver Care Team if needed.

Charitable Giving Statements

Each year, Mite provides annual charitable donation statements for the previous year. These statements will include a schedule of all donations made within a 12-month cycle (January - December). It will also reflect the total donated for the year reported. All gifts, regardless of method, will be included in the charitable donation statement. We will provide charitable donation statements digitally to the email listed on the donor's Mite account. If a member of the Mite Giving Community wishes to have a quarterly giving report, we can provide one by request.