Generous horizon

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Generosity expands horizons

There are very few ways to truly expand your horizon more effectively than giving.

Here is a brief case study:

Judy gave a $2.59 donation to a project that helped provide nutritious meals for people suffering from malnutrition in Malawi. When Judy first encountered this giving opportunity she had a vague recollection of a place called Malawi, maybe on the continent of Africa?

Her donation connected her to Malawi in a distinct way. She learned that it is a small country in southeastern Africa bordering Zambia and Mozambique. The country’s population is 17 million people with the capital city being Lilongwe. Through her studies Judy discovered that Malawi was one of the world’s least developed countries and that foreign aid was extremely important. The people suffered from a low life expectancy and high infant mortality rates. Their population is ravaged by HIV/AIDS.

Judy now had an interest in finding nonprofits working in Malawi. Who was engaged in helping the people with health care and other humanitarian outreach? After all, Judy recently gave to help people eat some nutritious food, maybe there were other areas she might be able to help affect positively. She found many large and small organizations working in Malawi and doing good for the people. After studying the situation and what organizations do the best work, Judy decided to give to a health care provider working with Malawians afflicted with AIDS.

After a few years of ongoing donations to help the people of Malawi and communications with organizations working in the country, Judy finally decided to visit the country and get hands on with her giving. Landing in Lilongwe, Judy experienced the sights and sounds of the country that she began studying several years before. Judy was impacted by the opportunity to assist people in need in a country so far away from her home. Her giving had opened doors that she had never considered possible, allowing her to share her life in ways that truly touched those in need.

There you have it - Horizon Expansion through giving. Widen your horizon! Try giving a mite today and see what happens.