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Creative family giving ideas

Creative Ideas for Getting Your Family Involved in Philanthropy

Involving your family in philanthropic activities can be extremely rewarding. It’s a wonderful way to align your family’s values for a positive impact. But, sometimes, we don’t know where to start. Here are some creative ideas for getting your philanthropic game on and kicking off your generosity journey.

Clear family giving vision

Get clear on your Vision

To ensure that your philanthropic endeavors align with your family's identity and purpose, it is crucial to establish a clear and shared vision of why you give. A family meeting can be a great starting point to discuss your values, passions, and goals as a family. Consider creating a family mission statement or a vision board that reflects your collective passions, aspirations, and commitments to help solidify your shared vision.

Explore family giving options

Explore your Options

There are plenty of ways to practice philanthropy! You can donate money, volunteer your time, sponsor a project, join a board, organize a fundraiser, or advocate for a cause. It's worth exploring different options with your family to see what interests everyone. Consider local and global causes, short-term and long-term projects, and direct and indirect ways of supporting different initiatives.

The more the merrier

Get Others Involved

As they say, “the more, the merrier”. Philanthropy is not just about giving back to the community. It can also be a great way to connect with others who share your values and vision. You can involve family members of all ages, including those in your immediate and extended family. Additionally, you can reach out to friends, neighbors, colleagues, or other networks to participate in your philanthropic activities. Invite them to join you in donating or volunteering or organizing a fundraiser. You can also collaborate with other families or groups with similar or complementary interests or goals. Involving others can help you expand your reach, influence, and support for the causes you care about.

Have a celebration

Celebrate and Reflect

As a family, it can be enjoyable and fulfilling to commemorate and reflect on your accomplishments and obstacles when it comes to giving back. Establishing goals, monitoring progress, and recognizing the work and difference you've made can all be a part of this process. Additionally, sharing your thoughts, gratitude, and experiences with one another and with the individuals or groups you're helping can be meaningful. Evaluating your outcomes, difficulties, and knowledge gained and pinpointing areas that could be developed or altered can also be beneficial. Taking the time to celebrate and reflect can lead to a greater appreciation for your family's journey and promote growth.

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