A generous society

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Report on generous countries

Every year, Gallup conducts its annual survey of the most generous countries in the world and reports its findings. This survey attempts to rate the generosity of countries, not only based on total giving but also by determining "how many people in a country are giving," looking beyond the money to count the number of "people who volunteer their time and help strangers." In 2018, the report found Indonesia the most generous nation overall.

While the results of this survey are of interest, this article is about something other than what country is most generous. At Mite, we are more interested in the influence of generosity on society. How does a charitable nature within the citizenry affect a nation? Does the societal impact of generosity differ significantly from its impact on generous individuals? One might expect generosity to have a similar impact when comparing societal to individual basis. After all, the foundation of every society is individual citizens. However, generosity's impact on the individual citizen exponentially increases when a society is generous.

List of societal benefits

Let's take a look at some of these beneficial effects:

  • Better Foreign Relations - a natural result of generosity is good relations among fellow nations. No one likes a wealthy miser. When countries can give and follow through with charitable actions, it leads to good relationships with other countries.
  • Extended Periods of Peace - Getting along with others generally means peace for a society. No one runs over the mailbox of their best friends - at least not intentionally. Generous societies are at peace with other societies.
  • More Existence - a society built with a generous attitude as one of its bedrocks will be a longer-lasting society. There is much less internal strife and turmoil within a charitable society. When charity is in people's hearts, it leads to healthy relationships.
  • More Ingenuity - being generous does not only impact the relational aspect of a society. It also affects the creativity and ingenuity of its people. Some believe that technological advancement is rooted in greed. However, as the adage states, "Necessity is the mother of invention." Oh sure, there have been gobs and gobs of inventions and advancements made so that someone could get rich. But the advancements that matter were, and are today, done to help people. A generous attitude helps a society perceive needs among their people and in peer societies. The awareness of need leads to fantastic thinking and creativity, which, in turn, leads to the advancement of people everywhere.
  • Optimism - a society of generous people will be an optimistic society. Kind, charitable people have an optimistic view of life because they understand the difference that one life can make if that life gives. When an attitude of generosity drives a whole nation of people, the resulting optimism creates a less limited view of possibilities.
  • Gratitude - there is nothing more potent than a grateful society. Gratitude has a tremendous effect on people, and when that effect translates over an entire nation, it has the power to change the world. Giving people are grateful people. A society of giving people is a grateful nation. A grateful nation is a powerful force in the world.
  • Strength - generosity comes in many forms. The form that builds strength in a society is the form of volunteerism. The reason volunteerism builds strength is that it builds connection. People connect when they help each other. A helping hand forms a more significant connection than a dollar bill. As people give of their time and energy, a bond forms among them; for example, check out an Amish barn raising. That type of interaction builds a strong community of people.

Benefits for your families too

This list of beneficial effects is by no means comprehensive. But we would all agree that if the benefits were limited to the above, it would be well worth incorporating and promoting generosity in our society. It is also essential to recognize that these benefits apply to any group of people of any size - including our families. Generosity lived out in our homes will realize these same fantastic benefits! Who wouldn't love a little more peace, healthy relationships, optimism, gratitude, and strong bonds within our homes?

We encourage you to Give Your Mite, build an attitude of generosity within your life, and promote generosity among those you love. Join us in encouraging a generous society!

(To view some key stats from the Gallup report, check out World's Most Generous Countries Report)