Organization overview

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eMite Inc, operating as Mite, is a public charity registered under the Internal Revenue Services statues as a charitable 501C3 organization. Being a registered charity with the U.S. government allow Mite to receive charitable donations from individuals and entities for the purpose of accomplishing the charitable mission of the organization. Donations made to Mite are tax deductible under the tax laws of the United States.

Mission Statement

The mission of Mite is to

go above and beyond to help donors know how their money is used.

We accomplish this mission by establishing fully coordinated humanitarian projects with thoroughly vetted missions partners around the world. We present these impactful projects to our community of givers as opportunities to engage in doing good globally.

Mite Vision

The vision of Mite is to

Make giving better.

We consider this a God sized vision. Meaning, we will not be able to accomplish it without God's help and the participation of givers worldwide. We believe charity is more than the nonprofit industry has made it out to be. Charity is our opportunity to work with God in what He is doing throughout the world. Individuals with less honorable intentions have unfortunately distorted the true essence of the term "charity." Mite, however, is dedicated to reinstating the genuine meaning of charity and what it was intended to be - love.

Core Values

Our core values drive our long-term strategies and short-term goals. They underpin our mission and provide the tapestry on which we are creating the most outstanding donor experience available in the charitable world.

Core Values

  • Inspiration

We are inspired by the human spirit and its resilience. God inspired the heart and mission behind Mite, and we strive to be of service by trying to make a positive and sustainable impact in this world. Through that, we hope to inspire others to do the same. We want to be a source of inspiration by demonstrating how giving benefits the receiver and the giver when they experience the pure joy of that exchange.

  • Engagement

We are actively engaged with all our partner projects. We do in-field visits and interact directly with projects and the communities they serve. We gather photos, videos, stats and stories, and inspiration first-hand and communicate that to our giving community.

  • Transparency

Our transparent operations are designed so that all donations have the maximum impact from start to finish. We are transparent in all of our processes and activities. We hold ourselves and our partners to high accountability standards. We openly communicate and share information with givers and our partner projects. We only partner with ethical and sustainable organizations and projects that have undergone stringent vetting by our team.

  • Celebration

We celebrate humanity. We celebrate life. We celebrate triumph over adversity. We celebrate the joy of giving.