Welcome to Mite Resource Area


Welcome to the Mite resource area.



Mite's Organizational resources for information about the charity.

Financial information for Mite


Financial category of information on Mite.

Mighty Fund is used to support the operations of Mite.

Mighty Fund

Let's discuss the reason why the Mighty Fund exists.

Engage your corporate body in a giving program to build a strong team and make a lasting impact.

Corporate Giving

A corporate giving program can be a powerful tool for building a strong team and encouraging generosity.

Learn how to pass on generosity to your loved ones.

Family Giving

Generosity is practiced, taught and passed on to our loved ones.

Mite Charity Resources


A group of resources to help understand and encourage charity.




benefits of a generous life

Generous Benefits

There are countless benefits to living a generous life. What are they?

Learn how to give

Give Learning

Let's learn together the joy of giving.

Practical Giving

Practical Giving

Steps to consider practicing for improved generous living.

Resources about a charitable society.

Generous Community

Resources about creating a generous community and society and the benefits that result.