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Welcome to Mite Resource Area

In an effort to serve our fabulous giving community, Mite has developed this resource area. We want your experience with Mite, our numerous global humanitarian projects and this donor-focused giving platform to be first class in every respect.

As you read through the content in our resource area, please let us know how we may better serve your needs as a giver.

Get Started

To engage with Mite create an giver account and check out our numerous completed and currently active Projects. There is no fee to set up an account on the Mite platform and no obligation to give. However, we truly hope you will engage in a project so that you can experience the Mite difference. It is truly exceptional.

What to Know About Mite

Mite is a different charity experience. There is a reason this is true, and before you check out the rest of the resources on our platform, it would be good to understand a few things about us.

Giving is Better - The truth that giving is better than receiving is foundational to everything we do. We believe that a society that loses charity is lost itself. For this reason, Mite is dedicated to creating a charitable experience that is inspirational, engaging and completely transparent.

Charity is Worth Celebrating - We are not talking about tooting our horn. We are talking about cheerfully enjoying the results of the charity in which we engage. Miters are people who truly enjoy being generous! They celebrate when lives are touched by the Mite projects they support. They party for charity!

Everyone has a Mite to Give - We know that everyone has a gift to give. Some may be able to give a larger amount and others may give smaller amounts. But every person has something to give. Whether you give $10,000 or $1, we are honored to receive your gift and will treat it and you with the respect deserved. Every single one of our donors receives the first class Mite Donor Experience.

Your Mite is Your Life - Often we undervalue our charitable giving because we view it only as money. But the truth is that your dollars represent the value the world puts on your productivity while you live here. Your money earned is the way the world values your contribution. However, we see your donation as a Mite and your Mite represents a portion of your life. This view demands that we honor your gift and respond with the utmost stewardship.

100% Guarantee - Our project track record shows that we successfully complete our global humanitarian project over 98% of the time. Why? Because we honor the giving of our fantastic donors. In fact, we are so serious about running our projects successfully that we have the Mite 100% Guarantee. If we are unable to complete the updates, infield visit and celebration video on any project supported by our giving community, Mite will pay for the costs associated with the project out of operational funds and any Mite donated toward that project will be redirected to a new project for our givers' maximum impact benefit.

Mite is More than Charity - Our organization is a service to givers around the world. We are intent on spreading the joy of giving to the ends of the earth. We are not satisfied with the current form of charity where donors are left wondering what happened with their gifts. We are not satisfied with the cynicism and mistrust that the current charity industry produces from donors. We are working hard to show people that charity is absolutely marvelous. It is more than people giving money. It is our opportunity to work with God. Charity is intended to unite human beings. It is also a point of contact with God.

Here to help

We want to be a full service platform for givers. If there is anything you feel would benefit your journey as a giver, please let us know. We will do our best to provide the resources that best serve our giving community.

You can contact us with any insights, suggestions and comments.

If you have a suggested outreach partner and/or project, please let us know.

Don't forget to leave your feedback on the helpfulness of our resource pages via the feedback area at the bottom of each page.