Exercise giving

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Learning a discipline

What does it take to be a bodybuilder? Big muscles? Ability to lift heavy weights? A sports bottle with a protein supplement in it? Not really. What really differentiates a bodybuilder from the rest of us slouches is time in the gym. Runners, rowers, climbers, wrestlers, all of the sports’ disciplines involve time spent doing the discipline.

How about specialists in particular professional fields? How do you become a nurse, an engineer, lawyer or have a doctorate in anything? You have to put time into studying and practicing that in which you specialize? Business is the same way. Frankly, family is the same way. Just because you have a child does not make you a parent. But that is definitely a tangent we will not go down.

The giving muscle

Giving is also something that is learned through participation and perfected by diligent practice. It can be difficult thinking in this manner because giving is generally tied solely to the act. We really don’t consider what goes into giving, actively giving. If Giving is tied only to the point at which a donation is made, all which comes before the actual push of the button or writing of the check or swiping of the card, is disconnected. But that which comes before the donation is just as much a part of giving. Discovery of the giving opportunity, paying attention to the signals of need, researching and understanding an opportunity is part of the Giving process as well.

The overall process of developing a generous life is learned and perfected. We at Mite believe that this is true and want to help people who may already be givers or who have never given anything in their lives, nurture a Life of Giving. You will want to check out our Practical Giving area for more in depth on the practice of a generous life.