Mite in the name

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Where did we get our name Mite?

Our name was inspired by a story found in the gospel of Mark 12 from the New Testament in the Bible. During biblical times, the "mite" is referenced in connection with a small temple offering, obediently made by a poor widow. The Mite consisted of two small copper coins with a monetary value of just a few cents.

The widow's Mite was significantly smaller than other donations made by more wealthy contributors. However, the offering got the attention of Jesus which led to the account being shared in Mark's gospel. This account has become one of the most significant influencers of generosity today.

We believe that the widow's Mite establishes this truth in charity: Giving is a matter of quality rather than quantity. In a world where only million-dollar donations grab headlines, the "average" giver is just as overlooked as is the knowledge of their donation's impact.

At Mite, there are no average givers. Every person's Mite is treasured and honored, regardless of size, and has the power to impact people's lives in ways beyond our ability to comprehend.