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Partner with Us

Do you have a fantastic project that you want to get on our radar? Does your organization work in the areas of Education, Child Development, Health and Hygiene, Medical Assistance, Development, or Disaster Relief? Then we want to hear from you!

Partnerships are important to us. We seek out organizations with proven track records and an excellent online presence when looking for potential partners. We're on the lookout for organizations that have transparent reporting and financials. And as we are all about communication and transparency, we anticipate consistent reporting from our partners in the field throughout the project's lifespan, including beyond completion, so that we may ascertain the project's long-term impact.

We are committed to providing our givers with a "live experience" through regular insight and updates into our projects and those they impact, so we're looking for partners who are willing to go that extra mile and provide us with input from the field when required. And the "pièce de résistance," in the celebration of the project's completion, is the partner's willingness to have our team do an infield visit to see what's been accomplished so we can spread the word!

If this sounds good to you, tell us all about the fantastic things you are doing by making a referral HERE. We are always looking for innovative and impactful projects to support through partnerships. We strive to support sustainable projects and organizations driving empowerment within individuals and communities and addressing systemic change.