Project costs

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Project Costs

We take stewarding the mites donated toward our projects very seriously. There are many expenses associated with completing a humanitarian project, and the fact that Mite works with partners around the world to bring the highest impact outreach to our giving community means that completing these project is an involved process.

Below we have broken down several of the major costs incurred while completing our global humanitarian projects:

  1. Project Funding - This expense is directly related to the funding of the humanitarian outreach itself. For example, if a project involved providing book bags and supplies for children's schooling, this cost would be those used in procuring the book bags and supplies, assembly, transporting and distributing of the book bags to the children. In every Mite project this cost is the largest.
  2. Infield Expenses - Everyone of our project is followed up with an infield visit by our Mite project coordination representatives. These visits are vital to ensuring the successful completion of the project and collecting the media and data for reporting back to our donors on the results of their giving. Common line items on the infield costs include airfare, lodging, in country transportation, meals and partner support.
  3. Media Production - Mite uses some of the most talented videographers and media professionals on the planet to bring the Celebration Video and project updates to our givers. Our media production costs are associated with compiling the hours of media collected on our infield visits into a first class media experience for our givers.
  4. Project Coordination - Project coordination is a process that can last months. Our team works closely with our project partners to develop fantastic projects to which our Miters can give. The costs associated with developing and coordinating these projects are often paid out of Mite's operational funds.