Mite corporate giving

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Corporate giving is Mite's Mission

Known as a “matchmaker between givers and charities,” Mite’s mission is to engage givers in a first-class experience with sustainable and impactful charities worldwide. We accomplish this mission by partnering and funding the outreach of trusted non-profits locally and globally.

Mite is a preferred choice for organizations looking to offer their members and/or employees a unique and meaningful social responsibility experience through their corporate giving program while developing the far-reaching philanthropic potential of their businesses.

Guess work is gone

We offer a portfolio of well-vetted initiatives with impactful local and international charities working in humanitarian areas of education, healthcare, clean water and sanitation, disaster relief, and more. Organizations can easily choose projects to support that best align with their mission and values as part of their corporate giving program.

Our transparent feedback loop enables corporate supporters to track their impact and share these resources with their employees and stakeholders. We provide customized reports that can be easily integrated into your organization’s annual reporting.

Mite provides regular updates, stats, and visual diaries composed of infield videos and photos, taking every giver on a vicarious journey of every charitable project from start to finish. We also produce breathtaking celebration videos showcasing the successful completion of every project.

Best practice in giving

We designed an interactive process so that our corporate partners and each staff member can witness their gift in action. Corporate giving programs have the power to build solidarity in an organization by encouraging employee participation and uniting them in the act of giving to projects having a positive social impact.

Your corporate philanthropic program can choose to support an entire Mite project or allocate donations across several initiatives. We ensure that 100% of the funds go to the outreach project of your choice and nothing else. And as a registered charity, all donations to Mite are tax deductible for your business and your employees.

Is Mite a good fit for your corporate giving program? Talk to us to get started.