Focused on mite

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Why the mite focus

The mite is important to our charitable organization. After all, we name the whole organization after it. There are several reasons we focus on the mite in our charitable endeavor. One of the most significant reasons, and the one we will write about in this resource, is the sacred value that the mite represents.

Time is money

When we give of ourselves, whether it's time, knowledge, money, or other manners, we give our mite (or might, if you prefer). How does this work? Well, it is a core belief of our charitable organization that when we work, we are paid money as a value of the time we spend working. In our lifespan, we choose to set aside time to make money through the dedication of our labor. We do this for many reasons, the greatest of which is the need for food & shelter for survival. If we do not work, we, more than likely, will not have that which is necessary to survive. We will certainly not have what is required to do the things we want to do in our lives. Hence we spend time out of our lives to create the resources necessary to pay for the things we need and want. The money we make is a product of our lives and the time we spend making it. In essence, our pay is the value assigned to the amount of our lives used to make it. It is the world's valuation of our lives.

A new unit of measure

At Mite, we realign the value of our givers' donations by assigning a new unit of measure to the money our givers donate. In essence, we choose to realign our perspective on the world's value of our givers' lives. Within our charitable organization, we change money into mites. We do this so that we properly honor the gifts. It is the reason why we take the stewardship of our donors' gifts so seriously. We do not view a donation as simply money. It is a giver's precious time. Our donors give their life, and we strive to make sure those gifts are as impactful as possible to both the lives of the recipients and the givers.

It is sacred

So as a charitable organization, we view donations as mites, not dollars. When a person gives a mite, it's a sacred action, and we see its use as a sacred trust. Because of this view and the value we place on a Mite, we ensure our donors know how their mite is used. When you give to a Mite project, 100% of your gift goes directly to the need - to help people. When you give to our charitable outreach, you see firsthand the impact your mite makes in the lives of others. Through available technology, we take you to the field so that you can see and celebrate with the people that you have impacted through giving your mite.

When you give to Mite, you join with a charitable community in the excitement, inspiration and blessing of giving. That's what Mite is about and why we focus on the mite.