Generous perspective

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Generosity brings perspective

You are a blessed person. You may or may not believe this statement, but your belief in the statement does not affect its validity. We have a tendency to look at others when reflecting on our own value and on the value of our possession. Unfortunately the others we tend to look at are those who have more stuff than we have. That stuff becomes a filter through which we devalue our own blessed existence.

Giving of ourselves can have a reversing effect on the stuff filter. It is in giving that we see others in need and their need helps us understand that we are indeed blessed. Of course, the act of giving does not in any way change our situation, except maybe to remove some of the stuff we have. But giving does allow us to release some of what we have to aid the relief of another person in need. This action reveals 3 things:

  1. It reveals that we have some stuff that can help others.
  2. It reveals that others have needs, probably greater than our own.
  3. It creates a blessing for recipient and giver to share.

If you don’t believe me, just try it out. Give a Mite and see if you are blessed.