Generous fulfillment

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Fulfillment in giving

Everybody from the Huffington Post to to John Stossel at Fox News have written about the happy benefits found in the act of giving to charity. There are as many qualifiers provided in the innumerable scribbles on the subject as there are authors on the topic. We will not attempt to further hammer home the neurological effects of charitable giving illuminated by the numerous studies performed in recent years. Ours is a much more elementary level approach - although a tad bit deeper.

At Mite we prefer to characterize giving as a fulfilling action. While others approach giving from the happiness meter, we find this measure to be a bit too fleeting. Happiness comes and goes. But fulfillment is something that, once accomplished, cannot be diminished. You may or may not obtain happiness from fulfillment. But if you fulfill your purpose; you are not able to remove the impact of that fulfillment. It stands eternally.

We propose that giving, the act of helping others in need, is an essential component in a fulfilled life. There is no doubt that Giving is dependent upon even greater attributes in a person, such as the greatest of all, love. But as love brings about giving, it is giving that brings the expression of the love that encourages the act. We hail love as greatest because without love our existence is worthless - at best. But it is through giving that the love we possess is expressed and it is through this expression that fulfillment is derived in our lives.