Teach children to give

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Giving against the grain

When we say that it is better to give than to receive, it goes directly against the standards promoted within today’s society. “Get as much as you can while you can.” This is the general consensus today and all are encouraged to live by it. So living in a world which promotes the idea that getting, and even taking, is better than giving, how can a young person develop the fortitude to go against the Get Get Get stream of our society to experience the benefits of giving?

Parents are the ticket

Well, one of the greatest influences of young people’s attitudes toward the society we live in, whether the parents of teenagers wish to believe it or not, are the young people’s parents! It is the parent or guardian who teaches, instructs and SHOWS the way. Our children are watching us. This is our opportunity to build within them those standards that will carry them through life whether going along with the mores of our modern culture or swimming directly against them.

Unfortunately, the area of charity is not traditionally given much attention when instructing the next generation. “Why instruct somebody how to give when they have nothing to give?” Well, that attitude may be where we go so wrong. We will sit our prepubescent children down and discuss the proverbial birds and bees. We tell our junior high kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. We even teach our kindergarteners the importance of scholastic endeavors and getting good grades. These are all very important topics to discuss. But why do we wait until a person is an adult to train them on the importance of giving? Why do we wait until a child is out of college to encourage giving in their lives?

Get your kids involved

Involve your children in the giving process when they are in your home. Make your giving a family matter and help your children learn the benefits that come from a charitable life! It is never too early to help a child understand the how and why of giving, and the sooner they get to it the more foundational it will become for them.

A Life of Giving is something that should be passed down from generation to generation. At Mite we encourage families to share in charitable endeavors so that such a life will be passed on.