Generous exponentiality

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A life of giving is exponential

Did you ever consider the compounding impact of a gift? Just consider a Mite. Say one of our awesome Miters gave a $5 gift to a project that built a classroom for poor children in the Philippines. Now, it should be obvious that the single mite was not responsible for the entire construction of the classroom. However, that mite placed with thousands of others did build the classroom! That is serious multiplication and that single mite shared in the whole thing!

But, the math does not stop there. Let’s say in that same classroom 50 children could be taught and throughout the day there were 5 classes in held there. Then let’s say that the classroom was used for over 50 years to teach those children throughout their school years. Well that would mean that 5 classes of 50 different children would have been taught per year for a total of 50 years. So 12,500 children would have been taught in that classroom and over 60,000 different class sessions would have been held. The Miter would be part of that!

Not done yet though. Let’s say that every one of those 12,500 children taught in that classroom went out into the world and did something positive, like raising a family, working, living productive lives and helping others, and each one of them positively touch the lives of 10,000 people during their lifetimes. That would be 125,000,000 additional people affected by the recipients of that Miter’s donation.

So $5 impacts over 125 Million people… and counting. That is exponential!

Sound like a stretch to you? Give a Mite and see if our math works.