Core Values

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Core Value: Inspiration

One of the core values at Mite is Inspiration. In our context, we are referring mainly to Inspiration in giving or what we like to call "Giving Inspiration." We are describing that thing, whether it be a persuasive speech or a compelling piece of media or even a letter written from the heart that inspires a person to give. It seems rather simple when described in this manner, but make no mistake, Giving Inspiration is difficult to find and even harder to create.

In fact, throughout all of human history, there are very few documented occurrences of Giving Inspiration. Some notable events that were recorded include: King David raising the support for the first building of the Jewish Temple. As evidenced in the manner and size of contribution raised in these events, there was indeed something different. We call the difference Giving Inspiration. It resulted in massive levels of giving and an attitude of willingness and freedom within the donors.

Moving the hearts of people is a powerful thing. But it isn't easy to do. The vast majority - something like 99.9% - of all giving is compulsory. There is little, if any, heart involved. If it's not mandatory, it is likely to be connected to a personal benefit for the donor. Tax-deductible donations are an example of these types of gifts.

Giving Inspiration goes way beyond the obligatory donation to the church, temple, or mosque. It leads to the active engagement of the donor and generally ends with amazing things being accomplished through the collective effort of many.

Unfortunately, inspirational giving is missing in most charitable transactions today. From Mite's perspective, if we are not inspiring our Miters than we are not accomplishing our mission. We are transparent with our donors and provide in-depth information so that engagement can be made willingly with joy throughout the entirety of our projects.

Get involved in one of our active projects and be inspired! #GiveYourMite and #DoGoodGlobally.

Core Value: Engagement

We love to engage in giving. To get in and get your hands dirty, fully immersed, is the only way to do things! This is especially true when it comes to giving. How can we, as givers, give our gifts and then standoff in the distance without engaging in the results of those gifts? So much is lost!

Our giving is meant to be enjoyed! It is meant to grab hold of our hearts and engage us. What is the purpose of compassion if not to get us involved? We acknowledge there are different levels of engagement. We understand every giver can't be immersed in the results of their donations. But at Mite, we work to give you as much information, updates, insight, and opportunities to see the impact of your gift so that you can determine your level of engagement. We cherish every individual donor who chooses to engage through Mite in the Joy of Giving.

Core Value: Transparency

Transparency is defined as "the condition of being transparent." For an organization to be transparent, it must be prepared to provide information at a time and in a manner that will be useful to its community. This process is challenging for any organization, no matter the size. It is particularly challenging when applied in an organization which conducts philanthropic projects on a global scale.

At Mite transparency is a core value. Our ability to be transparent is directly connected to our mission, vision, and operations as a charity. Here are a few ways we are open to our community of givers:

  1. Transparency in Projects: Through continual project updates and insights, Mite presents a transparent project process to our donors. We keep our donors informed every step of the way. Our donors are aware of how their donations are being used and how they are making an impact.
  2. Transparency in the Numbers: Mite, to the best of our ability, provides our community clarity in our numbers, from operations, donations, and program execution. We give our donors insight into how and what we do through end-of-year reports, project media, and organizational communications. As we grow, we will endeavor to continue our practice of transparency at all levels.
  3. Transparency Through Collection of Data: Our performance as a charity is valuable to us, and we know it is important to our givers. We work hard to use all the available avenues, including surveys, reports, and process analyses, to ensure that Mite is accomplishing its goal of creating a ministry to givers. It is important to note that none of our donor or partner data is used or shared without consent.

As Mite continues to grow and expands its impact around the world, we will strive to become more transparent as an organization. We know this is important to you and vital in accomplishing our mission.

Core Value: Celebration

This is our fav! 🙌 Among all our core values here at Mite, celebration is the cornerstone. It is the value on which the givers’ experience is completed, and the ultimate impact is understood. What better to celebrate than the successful completion of a project to positively touch the lives of people.

At Mite, we go great lengths to celebrate the giver, and the impact that our giving community makes in the world. Every project is completed with an in-field Celebration Video, where the difference is truly made. Through these efforts, we all have the privilege of seeing, hearing, and knowing that together we are making a real difference in individual lives.

We invite you to visit our Celebration Video Page and see how Miters are touching those in need with love and hope!