Develop corporate giving

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Begin a corporate giving program

Creating an effective corporate giving program or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative is similar to launching other business initiatives. You want to ensure success by determining goals and building a strategy, aligning with non-profits that mirror organizational values, prioritizing transparency, staff engagement, and measuring impact.

Start by establishing what you wish to achieve with your corporate giving program. Is it about strengthening employee engagement or establishing community partnerships? Is your aim to boost the company's public image? Get clear on your goals, as these will guide your corporate giving program strategy.

Decide giving pathways

Then you need to decide your giving pathways. Many companies choose to establish a combination of ways to give. Some examples include in-kind and monetary donations, gift matching, where businesses match their employee's contributions, sponsorships of non-profit events or entire charitable programs or projects, and volunteer opportunities for staff.

Choose your outreach partners

Next, choosing charitable partners who align with your business's goals and missions is essential. You might establish relationships with a few different non-profits or seek a long-term partnership with one non-profit where your organization can learn more about the support they need to achieve its broader objectives. The beauty of Mite is that we offer a portfolio of initiatives with impactful local and international charities. There is bound to be a project that will align with your business's goals.

Staff buy-in is a must

As staff are at the heart of any successful corporate giving program, you will need to get employee buy-in. Get them involved early in the process and ask for feedback throughout. They may have a community connection or a charity they can recommend. Are there community projects they're keen to volunteer for? The more staff are involved, the more likely your CSR program will be a success.

Track success

Once you have established your corporate giving program, it's critical to track and assess the positive social impact of the initiative over time. Data and evidence show transparency and are required to determine the program's growth, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to scale up. You can use this evidence to promote your CSR program to existing and new staff, the community, and other stakeholders.

How Mite can help

Mite provides quantitative and qualitative data and visual diaries composed of infield videos and photos to its corporate partners. This in-depth feedback loop enables our partners to track their impact and share these resources with their employees and stakeholders for greater transparency and engagement.

Creating a successful, sustainable corporate giving program allows companies to build stronger relationships with all their stakeholders and develop the far-reaching philanthropic potential of their businesses.

Ready to set up your corporate giving program? We can assist you on your journey. Contact Mite to discuss a corporate giving program just right for you.