Help families in Zambia cultivate nutrient-rich foods.

Project 61: Farmland For Souls - Zambia

Help support families on Ncheta Island in Zambia, surrounded by rivers and unable to travel to the mainland. Their diets are limited to what they can find and grow. For the first time, the community will receive training in farming techniques and the resources needed to cultivate nutrient-rich foods.Read more

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1465 served

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Health & Hygiene


Ncheta Island, Zambia

For our newest project, we are providing holistic aid to the families on Ncheta Island in Zambia. Ncheta Island is surrounded by snaking rivers, and the families living there don't have the money to travel to the mainland, so their diets are limited to what they can find and grow. This mainly consists of cassava (yuca), Chinese cabbage, and fish caught from the river if available. It's an extremely limited diet, and many families are deficient in nutrients. 

Our partner for Project 61, FARM STEW, believes an abundant life requires eight ingredients: Farming, Attitude, Rest, Meals, Sanitation, Temperance, Enterprise, and Water. Their team has trained thousands of people to battle malnutrition by increasing food availability through farming, developing small businesses to support their families, and improving sanitation.

For the first time, the community of Ncheta Island will be trained in farming techniques and given the provisions to farm nutrient-rich foods, including tomatoes, onions, beetroot, green leafy vegetables, carrots, pumpkins, butternut squash, fruit seeds-watermelon, orange-fleshed sweet potatoes, soybeans for protein when there is no fish available.

With your support of Project 61, we can help families achieve food security, improve health, and foster independence — providing them with the joys of abundant living.