Devastation caused by Cyclone Seroja in Indonesia

Project 54: Homes of Love - Teas & Oeakabi, Indonesia

After Cyclone Seroja hit Timor Island, our community rallied together to provide relief to families through food and hygiene supplies. Now, we're building homes for 13 families in the remote villages of Oeakabi and Teas. For $1,500 you can rebuild a home! Join us in this effort to rebuild lives and restore hope.Read more

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Teas, Timor Indonesia

In April 2021, Cyclone Seroja hit Timor Island, causing tragic loss of life and leaving many people without homes. The cyclone caused extensive damage, destroying bridges, roads, houses, and whole communities.

In response to this crisis, we are teaming up once again with our trusted partner, TMC Indonesia, to launch an ambitious project called Homes of Love. Our goal is to help over 80 families by rehabilitating damaged houses and building new ones. This project is one of the largest endeavors we've ever taken on at Mite.

We are committed to offering ongoing support to these families, ensuring they have safe and secure homes to live in. However, there's a challenge: the villages where we're working are located in remote areas, making it difficult for the government and other organizations to help. That's where Project 54 comes in, where a total of 13 houses in Oeakabi and Teas villages will be rehabilitated using local leaders and construction businesses. For just $1,500 you can help rebuild a families home!

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these families and help them rebuild their homes, hearts, and hope.