Give to fund a science lab construction so that students in Guatemala will discover how to build green.

Project 52: Science Lab for Sustainability - Guatemala

Let's work together to reduce waste and train the next generation on new sustainable technologies. Project 52 involves construction of a new science lab at the Long Way Home educational facilities in San Juan Comalapa, Guatemala. The construction project will create a space for learning, experimenting and discovering new ways to build green. Read more

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Comalapa, Guatemala

When it comes to innovative thinking about sustainability, the teachers and builders at Long Way Home in Comalapa, Guatemala are on out in front. This organization has trained hundreds of young adults on sustainable, green building technics. They even learn how to reduce waste in the environment by incorporating into building materials.

This sustainable building learning center has worked thus far without the asset of a science lab. But now the fantastic Mite Giving Community is going to fund the building of a lab! Your gift to Project 52 - Science Lab for Sustainability will help build a new science lab so that students for decades to come can discover new ways to build green.