The destruction wrecked by Cyclone Seroja

Project 48: Homes of Love, Oebaki, Indonesia

For this outreach our community will be funding the repair and rebuilding of 10 homes in the rural villages of Oebaki in Indonesia. Read more

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40 served

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Neke Mani Feto, Indonesia

Our giving community continues to rehabilitate communities on the island of Timor in Indonesia. Project 48 is reaching the village of Oebaki. We are rebuilding and repairing homes, giving families back what Cyclone Seroja took from them.

Our total rehabilitation project will result in over 80 homes being rebuilt! Our fantastic partner, TMC Indonesia, are the boots on the ground in this effort. Sandy, who is the head of the construction occurring throughout the villages in this outreach is an absolute stud! He travels throughout the communities ministering to families and showing the love of Jesus to all!

Join this outreach and let's help families rebuild their homes, their hope and their lives.