Makeshift home for villagers in Pusu Indonesia

Project 43: Homes of Love - Pusu & Toineke, Indonesia

In April 2021 cyclone Seroja made landfall on Timor Island in Indonesia. The storm brought massive flooding and severe destruction to the people who live on the the island. Many lost portions of their home and some lost everything. Now is our time to help families on the island restore what the storm took from them.Read more

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Pusu, Timor, Indonesia

Earlier this year, we shared the news about Cyclone Seroja that struck the island of Timor early 2021. Thanks to our amazing giving community we were able to support our partners TMC Indonesia with much needed relief and helped over 1,500 families with food and personal hygiene supplies! As any natural disaster, Cyclone Seroja caused significant infrastructure damage, including loss of bridges, roads and entire homes. Back then we knew that these communities would need extra support for the rehabilitation process of their houses. This is why, we have decided to partner for the fifth time with our long-standing partner TMC Indonesia and started a very ambitious rehabilitation program to help over 80 families to repair and/or build from scratch their houses. This is one of the largest projects we have decided to implement since eMite started, and it actually coincides with our 5th anniversary. We are convinced that thanks to your support we will be able to help these communities to get back on their feet and recuperate a safe place to live.

This rehabilitation program aims to follow up the relief with long-lasting care for these families. This program will be implemented in several stages. You have to take into consideration that these villages are located in very remote areas, which makes governmental and NGO’s intervention very difficult. So, for project 43 “Homes of Love, Pusu & Toineke” we will be rehabilitating a total of 12 houses in Pusu and Toineke villages (located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara).