The destruction wrecked by Cyclone Seroja

Project 37: Homes of Love - Fatukopa & Fatutnana, Indonesia

For this outreach our community will be funding the repair and rebuilding of 16 homes in the rural villages of Fatukopa & Fatutnana in Indonesia. Read more

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Timor, Indonesia

Homes of Love is a vital initiative that aims to help the families in the villages of Fatukopa and Fatutnana on Timor Island in Indonesia who have been struggling to rebuild their homes and lives after being devastated by Cyclone Seroja earlier this year. The cyclone caused significant wind damage throughout the region, but it was the floodwaters from the rain that swept entire homes away. These families have been living in makeshift huts on property where their homes once stood for almost a year now, and they desperately need help to rebuild their homes and lives.

This project is a collaboration between a dedicated giving community, our partners on the ground in East Timor, and the families themselves. The goal is to rebuild the homes that were destroyed by the storm, providing shelter for displaced families, and creating a stronger community in the region. The families will be working alongside our partners to rebuild their homes, which will not only provide them with a safe and secure place to live but also help to restore a sense of normalcy and community in the area.

Project 37 - Homes of Love is being conducted in an extremely remote area. Beyond initial emergency response, these remote regions have had little rehabilitation support. Instead, these communities have lived in rickety makeshift lodgings for almost one year and are desperate to rebuild their lives.

We are aiming to impact the lives of 16 families in Fatukopa and Fatutnana. Every gift makes a difference, and we are grateful for your support in helping these families rebuild their homes and lives. Your support will help to show these families that they are loved and not forgotten.