You are made to give

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Living is giving

Why am I here? To give. It may not be the entire reason for your life, but giving is one of the more significant purposes. From your first breath to your last, you are intended to contribute your creativity, genius, blood, sweat, and tears to the world.

Our very existence here on earth is a call to give. Sure, sometimes we have no interest in fulfilling that call. There are moments in our lives when we do the opposite of give. In fact, some people have so effectively lived in opposition to giving that they have been awarded monikers such as Scrooge, Grinch, Miser, etc. It’s important to note here that those whose lives are characterized by greed and selfishness are generally known to be lonely and unfulfilled. They may live in luxury but lack meaning or real impact. You cannot live a fulfilling life selfishly.

We do not exist to horde up or to egocentrically take take take. We were made to give, to contribute, to produce. We were made to make an impression in our world by giving of ourselves. When we accomplish this purpose, we realize our greatest fulfillment. When we accept the calling to give of ourselves and see the difference our giving makes, we experience true joy.

Condensed to terms - Living is Giving.

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