No Names in Stone

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Mite will not etch donor names in stone, preferring to make a lasting impression on hearts.

At Mite, we prefer a living memorial. We do not name buildings after people because they gave a bunch of money to a project. It is just not in our DNA. Giving is so personal; it is to be so richly honored and respected that putting one’s name on a building cheapens the gift. Members of the Mite Giving Community give their mites because they value generosity and want to impact the world in which they live. That is the best!

How can naming something or individually praising someone top the joyful, free-will offering of people who genuinely want to impact their world and help others? It can’t be done.

Oh, there certainly are times to honor people you love, and giving in their name or even honoring a life lived through memorial is a way of accomplishing that purpose. But the way we view it, memorializing with a name in stone does nothing to benefit the one giving or the one receiving the gift. If you want to accomplish great things through your donations and make a lasting impact, we got a project for you! If you wish to imprint love on someone’s heart and leave a lasting living memorial that will touch lives for generations, Mite is your way to make it happen. Make a living memorial today!

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