Intentional Giving

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intentional giving

“To give away money is an easy matter and in any man’s power. But to decide to whom to give it, and how large, and when, and for what purpose and how, is neither in every man’s power nor an easy matter. Hence it is that such excellence is rare, praiseworthy and noble. “ - Aristotle

At Mite, we believe in intentional giving. What do we mean by this? Intention is defined as giving one’s deliberate attention to an act or thing. Intention in giving is focusing on the act of giving or, more simply: caring enough about your gift that you take measures to ensure it is managed well.

Intention may be directed toward the type of philanthropy in which a person engages. A person may be intentional about helping children in need, giving for medical care, or helping the elderly. Intention may also be directed toward the particular organizations receiving a person’s donations or services. A person may choose to only give to a select few charities of which they are very familiar. They may only contribute to their church, synagog, or mosque. Or some may only give to organizations that serve in their communities. Intentionality can extend to the size, type, and/or frequency of your giving. Some people may intentionally choose to give a % of their income; others may choose to give at certain times of the year. Some may give only when they consider their gift useful.

Whatever the intention, we at Mite believe that givers should be intentional in the way they give their Mite. The reason we hold this belief passionately is that your Mite is so valuable. Your Mite (that would be your service, money, gifts, time - however, you are giving) contains a part of you - your life, your labor, your days. You work hard to have the life that you lead and the resources you possess. What a travesty to have that value just haphazardly given away! Nope, that will not do. Your gifts need to be valued for what they are, and they should be handled as precious treasure.

At Mite, we make sure that your donation is only used for the outreach for which it was donated. We do not use your Mite in any other way. That is our commitment to our Miters, and that is how you can know that the impact intended from your donation is, in fact, the impact that is accomplished. We will not use your Mite for administrative costs. We have set up a different method, the Leviticus Fund, in order to fund those necessities. We will not use your Mite on a failed project. If we cannot accomplish the intended impact on an individual project, we will inform you, as the donor, of this unfortunate circumstance and ask for direction on where your Mite should be directed. In this manner, we feel that proper honor is given to your gift, and adequate awareness is made to you of its impact.

That is how we do it here at Mite. Our intention is to value your Mite, gift, donation, service to such a degree that you will know it is being used to impact lives. In doing this we hope that our community of Miters grows, and givers, from all over the world, have the opportunity to see many giving a little to make a huge impact on our world. If you are not a Miter, we encourage you to give your Mite today and see for yourself the impact of intentional giving.

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