How Much is a Mite?

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How much is a mite? Now that is a great question! The original Mite, was 2 small copper coins (about a penny). That was the actual worldly monetary value. But since that donation of 2 copper coins was recognized by Jesus Christ, and since the widow’s Mite was added as an account in a gospel of the Bible, we think the value of that first Mite is obviously of much greater value than what the world put on it.

But here’s the thing, a mite given today is just as valuable as the first one given. From Mite’s viewpoint, a mite is as valuable as the love and life represented in it. The widow in Mark’s account gave her Mite, noted as all she had, out of obedience and love of her God. Likewise, today a person gives their Mite and, in so doing, offers a piece of themselves, sacrificially without acclaim, to help others in need. How do you value that action? How much is that worth? Frankly, we don’t know. We can put a value on things that Mites are used to buy, such as water, medical procedures, schoolrooms, blankets, etc. But that is just the value the world puts on those items. How much is a blanket worth when it is given through a selfless act of a Miter desiring to help the homeless? We don’t know the answer, but we are pretty sure it is a whole lot!

Whether your donation is $1 or $1000, or an act of service to help another, a kind word or a hug when one is needed, that gift, your Mite, is beyond our ability to accurately value. But please be assured that we will treat it as if it were the most valuable thing ever given. And that is how much a Mite is worth.

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