Giving Happiness

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Givers are happy people

Have you ever met an unhappy giver? Of course, anyone can have a rough patch and get down on life. But as a general attitude toward living, givers are happy people. There is something in the act of sharing one’s gifts, blessings, possessions, money, self that make a person joyful.

Ben Carson, former neurosurgeon and Secretary of HUD, is credited for stating “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.”

In this simple quote Mr. Carson summarizes a core belief of Mite. We as human beings seek to fill emptiness with things. We work hard to receive from our labor the rewards of finer living. But the accumulation of things will not result in a happier life. Giving away those things that we accumulate and understanding that, in giving, you are impacting another’s life in a positive way brings about the joy that we seek. At Mite we believe that adding stuff to our life does not make happiness. Giving, freely, that stuff that has been added is what brings happiness!

Now we certainly understand this may all sound self-serving with Mite being a charity and all that. But there is no other way for us to get the message out other than to say it. Give and you will be a happier person. See what your Mite can do and you will enjoy it. We promise.

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