Giving Great Gain

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giving greater gain

Do we love giving?

That could be a question raised to Mite and our staff. To which we would emphatically answer, yes! We do love giving. But that answer may be a little misleading. You see what’s more enjoyable to us, what we love more, is the result of giving. To say that we love to sacrifice something that we currently have, whether it be in the form of time, energy or resources, is not exactly correct. In fact, we might be a tad bit off if we fully enjoyed the loss of something, whether given or taken.

But that’s the thing. At Mite we do not view giving as losing something. Giving is gaining. It is the sacrifice of something we can give to gain something that is much more valuable. What is gained in giving?

We have detailed the benefits of giving in several other areas of But for this entry we focus on a gain for which we cannot take glory, but that is inextricably connected to our giving. At Mite we believe that as we give, God in His infinite power and wisdom accepts our sacrifice and uses it as only He can use it. God orchestrates life change through the willing and expectant gifts of givers.

Believe us when we say, it matters not the size of the gift or the size of the problem the gift is given to resolve. What matters is the size of God and His ability to use what we give to create the outcome He desires. We cannot do what God can do. But we can be a part of it. Through our giving we can see the Glory of God manifest in our world to impact the lives of those in need. This is the greatest gain in giving. This is why we love to give!

Join us. Give Your Mite.

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