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Give consistently at Mite the giving gym

Our staff members work hard to keep projects in the pipeline so that our community of givers have impactful opportunities to which to donate. Some may think it’s easy to find and coordinate projects around the world, but they would be wrong. Working with individuals and organizations dedicated to helping those in need is an honor, but it can also be a logistical obstacle course. Why is it so important to have projects in the pipeline? Why do we go to great lengths to make sure there is an outreach available for our Miters?

Well, we think it is important for giving to be consistent. Now, there should be no doubt that we absolutely love what we do. There is nothing more fulfilling than connecting people who love to give with impactful, humanitarian outreach. This is the ultimate reason why we keep projects available. But another reason is the fact that givers are nurtured through acts of giving. Some may naturally be servants and in service they find fulfillment. Some may be leaders and it is in leading where they feel most useful. Givers love to give. They love to share what they have with others and it is in giving that givers find the greatest fulfillment.

However, just as with any other characteristic, even our dominant ones, Giving needs to be nurtured, cultivated continually through repeated action to grow and thrive in a person’s life. A person who gives on a monthly basis will naturally be more proficient at giving than a person who gives infrequently. A person who gives regularly will more likely enjoy the benefits of generosity and have a greater understanding and consciousness of those benefits than a person who gives only on an occasional basis.

If you want to see muscles when you flex, you have to spend time lifting weights. If you want to see lower numbers on the scale when you step on it, it is important to stay vigilant on your nutrition and how much you eat. If you desire to experience the wonders of a generous life, if you want to give with a passion and impact the world with your charity, you must build your giving muscles and stay vigilant to take advantage of the opportunities you have to pound the charity weights! To this extent consider Mite your Giving Gym with all the equipment and opportunities to build a strong and vital giving life.

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