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Milenita and Sot Khun connected on the well project in Cambodia

"Last month, I traveled to Siem Reap, Cambodia, to see the completion of Project 45 and meet the families impacted by clean water. We had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with one local family and hear their story. Despite not speaking the same language, I immediately connected with Sot Khun. A lovely 72-year-old woman who lives with her husband, Thoeurn Pung. It's not easy to describe the connections experienced on these visits because they often come in the form of smiles, hugs, and kind gestures. But my connection with Sot Khun I will never forget.

We talked for hours as she cooked and cleaned their home. She told me about how she fell for Thoeurn Pung and their sweet love story. She felt comfortable opening up about their difficulties working in the fields to put food on the table, how age has impacted her day-to-day activities, and her longing for grandchildren to come around more often. We spoke about how clean water changes everything and having easy access to it has impacted her family's life in ways she couldn't explain.

We cried. We hugged. We laughed a lot. And we enjoyed just being in each other's presence. Soh Khun hardly left my side for two straight days. She remained next to me, holding my hand and smiling — like a mother with her daughter. I left Cambodia with a heavy but fuller heart. These are the things that I most enjoy and cherish while in the field. If I can share it, even in the slightest way, with you, our giving community, I can proudly say that we are fulfilling our purpose."

- Milenita is Mite's former Project Director. This is a testimony of an unforgettable connection made while Milenita was visiting the location of a newly drilled clean water well in the village of Siem Reap, Cambodia (Project 45).

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