Bad Nonprofit

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There is bad nonprofit but we have the power to make giving better.

In today's world, the giver has more tools than ever to accurately evaluate nonprofit organizations and how well they accomplish their mission. With the myriad of online watchdog organizations following nonprofits and data publishing groups following the activities of nonprofits worldwide, the donor in today's charitable world has actionable information readily available at their fingertips. Yet, even with all the tools and data available, there remain too many instances when bad nonprofits slip through to negatively impact donors and their charitable experiences.

We strongly disapprove of this! The fraud perpetrated on the givers is reprehensible. The diversion of funds from helping those in need to padding the pockets of criminals is deplorable. While the heinous nature of criminals who take advantage of the generosity of others is self-evident, it is also a reality with which the charitable industry will continue to deal. Any sector generating $480,000,000,000 will become the target of some very nasty characters.

So what can we do as generous givers to avoid such characters and ensure our giving is directed toward ethical and impactful outreach? At Mite, this is an integral part of our mission to Make Giving Better. We have designed the Mite Donor Experience, particularly for givers who want the confidence of knowing precisely where their contributions are used. We even show our donors, specifically the "faces and places" where their generosity helped others through fabulous multimedia update content. This step is more than just an excellent video showing the celebration of a humanitarian outreach completed. It is direct proof of the impact and verification of our donors that we used their donations for the proposed purpose.

Indeed, the nonprofit industry will continue to be a place for bad actors to try to exploit the generous actions of others. But we, as givers, cannot allow them to keep us from the blessing of generosity. The nonprofit world is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But the reason for giving to nonprofits remains, and it is in our best interest to continue to engage in it.

At Mite, we are working to make it less likely for criminals to take advantage of givers. We are doing this for more than just our giving community. Through our Mite Donor Experience, we want to show the way to a safer and more accountable nonprofit experience. Join us today, and let's Make Giving Better!

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